Who/What is Cupcakes & Caviar?

Cupcakes & Caviar is a lifestyle. Food is a lifestyle. And I’m slightly obsessed.

Food is more than just the sustenance you need to survive, it’s something that plays with all of your senses, that comforts you in times of celebration and sadness and it has this crazy ability to bring complete strangers together!

Don’t tell me what you ate, tell me who you ate with. – Parts Unkown, Anthony Bourdain

Cupcakes & Caviar is meant to take you on a bomb ass journey through food culture! It’s for the fabulous foodie who loves to be on the scene, stay motivated, eat good, cook good and look good!

As a recent DMV transplant (relocated from the beautiful NYC) I hope to encourage you to do 2 things:

  1. Step out of your comfort zones and explore new things! #YOLO darlings. You should not be limiting yourselves to just the Applebee’s of the world! You’re better than that. Explore…new…things! 
  2. Take advantage of your city! No matter where you are reading this from, start making it a priority to take advantage of the awesome city you live in. Even if it’s once a week, find an event, a show, a festival, a new restaurant, etc and GO! Make it something new you haven’t tried, experienced or seen. People are always commenting that my husband and I are constantly on the go, always doing something fun together and they’re right! But it’s because we make it a priority to do so! Take…advantage…of…your…city! 


About Ms. Cupcakes & Caviar

Cupcakes & Caviar

I started this page back in 2010 mainly because I enjoy talking about food, giving restaurant suggestions and cooking. Life got in the way a little and Cupcakes & Caviar took a hiatus. BUT I’m back! My love for food and everything associated with it cannot be contained!

I’m a self proclaimed foodie, cupcake taster extraordinaire, and always hungry. My love for food can be traced back to my early years and blamed on family who often encouraged me to order virgin pina coladas and shrimp cocktails. To this day, a meal without an appetizer is just a snack 🙂

On my site I hope you find some new restaurant ideas, products to try, and places to hang. Don’t be shy, drop me a line and let me know what you want to read or where you’d like me to try next 🙂

Welcome to the journey loves! 😘🍔🍸

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  1. Congratulations darling on The re-launch !!! It’s just the beginning to the amazing opportunities that will be coming your way. Let the yummy food post begin. Love you !

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