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5 Day Drinking Tips To Help You Survive July 4th Weekend


The 4th of July is right around the corner and I’m sure you’re planning out your day of celebrating and day drinking. Oh, and of course appreciating our Independence… You might be planning to host your own BBQ or crash a couple of friends BBQ’s or attend day parties in your city. Most likely, your plans […] Read more…

NYC Restaurant Week 2016 – Survival Guide

nyc restaurant week

Do you know what next week is? It’s NYC Restaurant Week! NYC Restaurant Week begins January 18th and it is my FAVORITE time of the year! It’s a chance to try multiple restaurants that I’ve had my eye on because, well, the price aligns really nicely with my bank account 😉 At $25 for a 3 […] Read more…


new year

Happy New Year and Thank You! I was SO nervous to start Cupcakes & Caviar (again) in September that I almost backed out and didn’t go through with my “launch.” It was the idea of letting people into my world, being exposed, worried that no one would be interested and all that nonsense. However, I am […] Read more…

5 Dining Trends To Look Out For In 2016


2015 was a good year for foodies! If you take a quick peek through your favorite foodie Instagram page, you’ll see that burgers, egg yolk, donuts, Uni and lots of carbs took center stage. 2016 is promising to be even better with some not-so-surprising new dining trends that are certain to make the foodie in you […] Read more…

4 Champagne Cocktails To Spice Up Your New Years Toast

champagne cocktails

Champagne is a staple at any New Years Eve celebration, and counting down the seconds until midnight wouldn’t be complete without a bubbly toast. So, if you’re having a house party, attending one, or just staying in, add some spice to your midnight toast with my 4 favorite champagne cocktails.   Pomegranate Fizz – What you’ll need: bubbly, pomegranates and […] Read more…

How Self-Love Can Help You Indulge Guilt-Free


For years I have struggled with my weight. While I’m not “overweight,” I still am not my ideal weight. Over the last couple of years any amount of self-love pummeled. What did  I do to ease my sadness over how my body looked? I turned to food. It became a very negative cycle. I would […] Read more…