Happy New Year and Thank You!

I was SO nervous to start Cupcakes & Caviar (again) in September that I almost backed out and didn’t go through with my “launch.” It was the idea of letting people into my world, being exposed, worried that no one would be interested and all that nonsense.

However, I am so happy I did. I’ve had so much fun the last 3 months cooking, eating, learning from other pros and sharing my experiences and love of food with all of you. I hope you have enjoyed the journey with me and I THANK YOU for even taking time out of your day to read what my little soul has to say!

Please believe that 2016 will be extra fabulous here on Cupcakes & Caviar. Expect hosted happy hours, more bomb recipes, inspiring interviews, even better restaurant suggestions and more surprises.

There is only more growth from here.

Wishing all of you an amazing 2016!


1 comment on “HAPPY NEW YEAR!”

  1. Happy new year! Congratulations on your relaunch, I am a proud friend! ❤️ I’m so grateful and excited to follow you on this journey, can’t wait for more awesomeness in 2016!! XOXO!!

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