Goddess Brunch


1. A Female being of supernatural powers or attributes.
2. An image of a female supernatural being; A woman of great beauty or grace.

On a steamy hot Sunday afternoon in the Bronx, NY, 17 beautiful women gathered at Havana Cafe for sangria, cuban food and enlightenment. The gawgeous founder of In-spē (The Art of Getting Your Life) Lauren hosted the event and greeted us with healing crystals and the most thoughtful welcome note. The Goddess brunch was a chance to connect with other like-minded women “without the wack ass networking vibe.” 🙂

I had no idea what to expect from the afternoon, but I knew I needed a positive presence around me, and was hopeful to find it there. Find it I certainly did, but what I also found was a new understanding of the power of female friends. I’m sure at one point in your life you’ve overheard a woman say “I only hang with guys, I don’t have/don’t want female friends”. And if you’re like me, then you probably responded to that statement with a serious side eye, because you know this person is missing out on so…much…greatness that comes from the bond of strong women.


The beauty of the Goddess brunch event, was that it allowed me to reflect on why I appreciate powerful women friendships. There I sat, surrounded by entrepreneurs, side hustlas, writers, poets, creatives, activists, a life coach, moms striving to raise socially conscious children, dreamers, and influencers. It was impossible to sit at the table and not feel inspired.

For three hours we shared our stories, we shared our goals, we cried, we laughed, we encouraged, we questioned ideas, and we embraced each other. Over red sangria and mofongo, strangers became new friends, thought partners, and supporters. We walked out of our brunch together stronger and more confident in our womanhood, goals and impact on this earth.

When was the last time you left a brunch feelin’ all of dat?

Afterwards, I couldn’t help but take a moment on the Uber ride home and just think about how thankful I was to have the experience of knowing/meeting such a group of exceptional women. There was a level of support, empathy, understanding and guidance that only a woman could give another. I realized that THIS was the reason I give the heavy side eye to women who choose not to embrace each other. We are always more powerful when we do!

Don’t tell me what you ate, tell me who you ate with – Parts Unknown

Special thanks and shoutouts go to:

Lauren from In-spē for bringing this event to life, Havana Café for slaying in the kitchen (that mofongo! Lawd!), each woman who attended and put her soul and truest self on the table, Coach Stephanie from Better Life Choices of New York for the free life coaching sessions (lol) and shoutout to Hype for being my fellow foodie!!! 🙂

There have been no talks (yet) about the next Goddess brunch but if when the next one gets scheduled, I encourage all of my readers to attend. You’ll eat good, drink well, leave inspired and walk away with new connections.

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