KBQ Korean BBQ & Bar

2450 Crystal Dr, Arlington, VA 22202

Crystal City, located just outside Washington DC, is so close to me and yet I’ve never explored this area. I was actually surprised to see so many restaurants and bars and mad at myself for not coming to the area sooner! Luckily, KBQ Korean BBQ & Bar pulled me out of comfort zone and got me over to Crystal City to try some of their yummy fast-casual Korean BBQ!

I wasn’t sure what to expect from a ‘fast-casual'” Korean BBQ restaurant. I’ve always only experienced the classic “grill-your-own” “all-you-can-eat” Korean BBQ restaurants, so I was excited to check this place out.

It’s a cute spot with chalkboard walls, which were a lot of fun for the 5-year-old kid inside me ūüôā There is also a full bar which isn’t really common in fast-casual restaurants but a feature I really appreciate!

KBQ BBQ & Bar has a “build your own” way of ordering. You can pick whether you want a rice bowl. lettuce wraps, rice burger, lettuce bowl, and tofu hot dogs. Then, pick your protein and toppings! Toppings range from various types of kimchi to¬†various veggies and sauces. The kimchi was really flavorful and everything tasted super fresh!

korean bbq

Staff were really friendly but as a first timer, I wished they would have explained how their menu worked a bit before I ordered. Not a big deal, but I can see how someone coming for the first time can be a little confused.

Now on to the good stuff…


Pork Belly Rice Burger – For toppings I chose: Garlic Sprouts, Coleslaw, Carrots and Spicy Mayo

The rice burger is super dense but a great choice if you are a rice lover like myself. It’s not very flavorful but the toppings are so strong, it’s kind of a good thing it’s not.

korean bbq

Korean Steak Rice Bowl – For toppings I chose: Cucumber kimchi, Corn, Kale Slaw, Garlic Spinach and Soy Ginger sauce

This was so…much…food! So filling. If I had this for lunch I would need a nap! The flavors were great! The steak was a little dry and bland but mixed with everything else on my plate, it worked.

korean bbq

Shrimp Lettuce Wraps – For toppings I chose: Coleslaw, Onion, Brown Rice and Sweet Red Chili sauce

This was probably my favorite dish. The shrimp was really tasty, and it was filling and felt really great for my waistline (gotta keep my waist snatched ya’ know?).

korean bbq

Bubble/Boba Teas – Mango and Chai Tea

These were la bomba! Refreshing, not too sweet and overall great drinks! I honestly would come back just to satisfy my bubble tea craving!

korean bbq

Overall, I think KBQ BBQ & Bar is a cool concept and I look forward to seeing how they¬†evolve and grow.¬†If you are looking for a new area to dine in and need a place to try first, head on over to Crystal City and stop by KBQ BBQ & Bar. Tell ’em Cupcakes & Caviar sent ya!

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