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The West Village in NYC is probably one of my most favorite areas to eat, drink and chill. The crowd is (usually) diverse, unpretentious, chill and just looking to have a good time. New restaurants are constantly opening up and being discovered, so it’s basically a foodies playground aka my playground! I love going there for brunch, after work happy hours, day dates and dinner dates with the hubs. Also, since I’m a creep, Washington Square Park in the West Village is my favorite place to people watch. Overall I just get extra hype about the area and any chance I get to go.

So, I decided it was time to try a new brunch spot in the area and discovered a new Mediterranean restaurant called Nighthawks.

Appearance/Decor:  Nighthawks has a pretty dark romantic vibe. There are dark wooden tables with deep red curtains and those one-of-a-kind type comfy wing-back/club chairs that you would find at HomeGoods or something. Which is awesome because I happen to be in love with HomeGoods! I was slightly obsessed with their choice of decor. I love deep colors and chandeliers and that whole subtle pinky’s up type of atmosphere. They have a very large bar area and plenty of seating. There’s also a cute little coffee corner if you just want coffee on the go. 

Service:  Service was pretty on point! When we arrived we were greeted by (I’m assuming) the manager/owner. I observed this gentleman throughout our meal helping his employees serve, clean tables, man the bar, speak with customers outside inquiring about the menu etc. I have a big soft spot when I see people who (again, I assume) are the managers/owners rolling up their sleeves and working as hard as their staff. To me, it shows that they value their restaurant, employees, and customer experience! Our waitress was friendly, knowledgeable about the menu, and quick with drink refills. I was mainly impressed with her attentiveness to us because I also noticed she was bar tending as well.  The fact that she was able to juggle both without it comprising the service of her tables won me over. That’s a damn skill. Shout out to her! 

Food & Drink: Despite the really good service, the food is what will bring me back to back to back to Nighthawks! To start, they bring you a bread basket with olive oil and herbs for dipping. Now, you might be thinking,

Bread basket? Big deal!

But when you are about to partake in a boozy brunch, having enough food to coat that stomach of yours is a win! So the bread was appreciated, AND delicious.  

The Eggs Benedict ($11): The eggs were cooked perfectly. The worst is when you order one and the yoke isn’t even runny. It’s like seriously, what was going on in that kitchen of yours? However, Nighthawks’ chef got it right. 


Chocolate French Toast ($11): Orgasmic. No, seriously, or-gas-mic. It’s covered in a hazelnut chocolate sauce, caramel sauce, powdered sugar, strawberries and kiwi. (The menu says bananas but mine came with kiwi. Not really a big deal because I heart kiwi!)


Sides of Bacon and Home Fries ($5 each): If bacon isn’t cooked crisp, I don’t want it!!! ::end rant:: Luckily their bacon was crispy as hell, just like I like it. The home fries were seasoned just right and not overcooked. Both were a good portion for sharing.

The brunch cocktails included the usual’s (mimosas, bloody mary’s & bellinis) and also well drinks, wine and select beer. (#winning). The mimosas were at the perfect proportion of champagne and OJ, and the Bellini was not too sweet (which is a good thing). House wine was pretty decent also.

The Deal: When we went we were able to utilize a Pulsd deal which was $39 for a brunch for 2 which included unlimited drinks. Talk about a damn steal! Although the deal has currently ended, I would call the restaurant and see if they can still offer it to you. I called over the weekend and they were willing to. So it doesn’t hurt to try. However, right now they have a $49 dinner for two up that you should absolutely take advantage of! Hurry it will be gone fast. If you can’t purchase the deal but still want to go, head down during happy hour Monday – Friday from 12:00 – 4:30PM (such a perfect amount of time for happy hour…holla!) where you can get a 1/2 dozen oysters and a glass of wine or beer for $9, $4 draft beer or champagne cocktails, and 1/2 off bottles and glasses of wine. Basically what I’m trying to tell you is that there is really nothing holding you back from coming here 🙂 

Overall, I really enjoyed our experience and am looking forward to going back!


Have you been to Nighthawks? What was your experience? What is your favorite area to hang in the city? Let us know in the comments below. Also, don’t forget to subscribe for updates on posts.

Peace Loves ✌💜 


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