Brunch is a staple here in the DMV. If you don’t end your weekend with at least one brunch meal and few or five mimosas, did you really even enjoy your weekend at all? On Saturday and Sunday mornings, hundreds of residents stumble out into the streets looking for the best brunch cocktail, and a comfort dish to cure their lingering hangover!

On Saturday and Sunday mornings, hundreds of residents stumble out into the streets looking for the best bloody mary, and a comfort dish to cure that morning’s hangover! Since there are so many options to choose from, restaurants work hard to stand out and provide menus and offerings that will leer the waffle crazed patrons into their doors.

For the DMV, a good brunch isn’t just about the meal, it’s about the experience. I can make a brunch dish at home, but I can’t make Breakfast Tacos with an art gallery as my backdrop now can I? That’s where Palette 22 comes in.

Palette 22
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Palette 22 gets the experience of brunch just right. It’s a restaurant that houses an art gallery where local artist can be seen working on their crafts. Almost all of the art shown in the space can be purchased as well. I loved walking in and checking out some of the pieces while we waited and ate. Though I didn’t buy any, there were a few I put in my mental wish list, and hopefully, can return to purchase.

Not only is the space artsy and fun, but the menu is as well. All dishes are served tapas style and are internationally inspired. For $25, brunch-goers can get unlimited tapas! Yes, you read that correctly, unlimited tapas. Tapas options range from Arepas Benedict to various Pizzas and Tacos, and to desserts like Churros. Each dish served with its own flavorful twist. My personal favorites were the Crab Arepa Benedict and French Toast Sticks served with a Nutella sauce. Holy hell these were so good.

Of course, besides the food, no brunch would be complete without a boozy option. Brunch cocktails at Palette 22 are only $2.22 when combined with the unlimited tapas option. In addition to cocktail options like Blood Orange Mimosas (these were so good) and Watermelon Bellinis, they offer a Create-Your-Own Bloody Mary Bar. Though I am personally not a Bloody Mary fan and opted out of this choice, the bacon-infused vodka that they offer as a base sounded pretty freaking amazing!

If you’re ready to make your brunch plans and want to head to Palette 22 this weekend, here’s what you should definitely try while there:

Tony’s French Toast Sticks

Coated in frosted corn flakes with a side of Nutella fudge sauce. Who said dreams don’t come true?

 Breakfast Tacos

Stuffed with potatoes, bacon, cheese, egg and pico de gallo.Palette 22

Crab Arepas Benedict

I’m a big fan now of my eggs benny on an arepa instead of an English muffin. Much more flavor, much more fun.  Palette 22

Tacos Al Pastor

My favorite tacos. Nothing like pork and pineapple.Palette 22


Every bite was a party in my mouth. Layers and layers of flavor. Crispy tortilla chips, cotija cheese, guajillo chile sauce, all topped with a fried egg. Palette 22

Run don’t walk to Palette 22 for brunch this weekend. Food.Art.Fun is their motto, and they don’t disappoint.

Palette 22
4053 Campbell Ave
Arlington, VA 22206
(703) 746-9007

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