Roti Modern Mediterranean

1211 S. Fern St
Arlington, VA 22202

It’s been just about a month since Roti Modern Mediterranean opened their new location in Pentagon City.  If you’re new to the beauty that is Roti, it is a fast casual restaurant serving wholesome, simple Mediterranean food. They stand by their “food that loves you back” slogan by using only the best ingredients and preparing their food fresh daily.

Roti is a dream! Like no seriously, it’s my favorite fast casual restaurant at the moment, so I was hella excited to hear that they opened one closer to my home. The Pentagon City location has a really sleek modern feel, with lots of seating and floor to ceiling windows. The design and wall art are pretty cool as well. It’s also WWE (work while eating; I just made this up) friendly, with lots of outlets for charging up those laptops and iPhones, AND they offer free wi-fi. Hallelujah!

Roti Pentagon City

The staff at this location are also super sweet and really passionate about the Roti brand. You can tell they make your food with love, and genuinely enjoy working together, which made me love this location even more!

Now for the food: it’s fresh, it’s tasty and there is so much variety. The options are endless so I’d be surprised if you couldn’t find something you love. They are also one of the few locations where you can get flatbreads! My personal favorite meal from Roti is the pita sandwich, with chicken roti, a little basmati rice, couscous, tomato & cucumber, hummus and feta cheese.

Roti Pentagon City

Next time you’re in Pentagon City stop in, say hello and enjoy some yummy guilt-free Mediterranean food. Tell em’ Cupcakes & Caviar sent ya!

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