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I like to believe that I’m a self proclaimed bartender 🙂 However, that usually just means making the basics, like a cranberry & vodka, and putting it in my shaker for a more dramatic effect. (Don’t judge). So when I heard about a “cocktail-at-home” kit from Shaker & Spoon, I knew I needed to try it. Especially since their current box helps you create Rum cocktails, and me and rum are homies!


** Full Disclosure: This is a sponsored post. I did not purchase the box but I will be giving a very honest review.


Shaker & Spoon are new in these streets and working hard to make their mark in the cocktail subscription box biz. My interactions with them have been nothing but positive and they seem pretty passionate about their product. A few things drew me to them:

  1. They were founded in Brooklyn! New York stand up!
  2. The reason they started Shaker & Spoon resonates with me: “We want to help you impress your next date, host the coolest dinner party, or just relax with the perfect old fashioned while watching Netflix. Most importantly, we want to give you the tools to create the perfect mixed drink for any occasion.” And they help you do this the easy way…I like easy
  3. The man behind the recipes in each box (Michael McAvena) is an expert cocktail creator. In 2013 he was named to Zagat’s 30 Under 30 list for outstanding industry excellence. So I trusted these cocktails would be above standard.
  4. You can subscribe to receive a new liquor themed box each month. Use CUPCAKES15 to receive 15% off your purchase.


Amber Rum Box
Amber Rum Box

My Experience

First let me paint a picture: I get home after a long day at my day job (I work with teenagers so just imagine how tired I am) I hang out with the hubby for a bit and then when he goes to bed, I muster up all of the energy I have to start making some Rum cocktails. Within about 3 minutes I had a new sense of energy because I was having so much FUN! You know what made it fun? (Besides the fact that I was fixing myself a drink) I didn’t need to really think much. My Amber Rum Box came with everything I needed to make three (3) different rum cocktails, all I needed was my own bottle of rum. Shaker & Spoon recommended Don Q Gold Rum, but advised any gold or amber rum would work. I went with Bacardi Gold (it’s the Puerto Rican in me).

Processed with VSCO with m5 preset

Processed with VSCO with m5 preset

  • It was a great lesson in cocktail/barware language. Included in each box is a glossary that outlines the definitions of certain bar tools such as a shaker, mixing spoon, strainer etc. It also explains some cocktail making techniques and the definitions of each. This was helpful since some of the recipes required me to “muddle” and “roll”, and although I’ve heard of these terms, I’ve never actually tried them. It made me feel so knowledgeable afterwards.
  • For the Amber Rum box it was recommended I have a jigger, shaker, mixing glass, strainer, citrus reamer or juicer, and muddler. I’ll be honest, the only item I had from that list was a shaker (oops) but thanks to the glossary I was able to find substitutes in my kitchen. I used a shot glass instead of a jigger, a regular drinking glass for my mixing glass and a spoon as my muddler. It all worked fine but this absolutely inspired me to step my bar game up. (especially since I’m basically a mixologist now 🙂 ) I appreciated that the list of tools was simple enough to substitute.
  • The three (3) cocktail recipes were for a Rum Smash (cinnamon, bitters & lemon), Rum Buck (hisbiscus & ginger beer) and Rum Old Fashioned (bitters & black pepper ginger syrup). All three were pretty delicious. I would have to say the Rum Smash was my favorite. The perfect balance of sweet with a good punch. The Rum Buck was a little too sweet for me. I was most surprised that I enjoyed the rum old fashioned. I usually really do not like old fashioneds because they are too strong for me, but this was tolerable. I probably still wouldn’t make it my drink of choice, but kudos to Shaker & Spoon for creating one with some good taste. If you are an old fashioned fan, then chances are you will really enjoy it. Each box comes with enough ingredients to make four (4) of each cocktail. So, twelve (12) cocktails in total.

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And yes, I did make all three just for me and I can see your judging eyes 😐 ::shrugs::

Overall, I think Shaker & Spoon have a really cool concept they’re providing. Their cocktail subscription boxes provide average cocktail makers like myself a chance to try new cocktail variations while also being educated on the craft, all in the comfort of their own home. I can imagine it being a real hit at dinner parties or a girls night in. Also, my knowledge of rum cocktails has expanded as well. Who knew there was more out there than a rum & coke? 🙂


From L to R: Rum Old Fashioned, Rum Buck, Rum Smash
From L to R: Rum Old Fashioned, Rum Buck, Rum Smash


  1. Everything you need is all in the box. No trips to the supermarket or worrying about where to find certain ingredients, like bitters.
  2. It makes a great gift! With Christmas (literally) around the corner, this would be perfect for the drinker/hostess in your life. It’s also a great gift for yourself. (pssst: use CUPCAKES15 for 15% off your purchase)
  3. You can pick your own liquor. Unlike other similar companies that send you the liquor as well, this allows you to pick your own favorite one. Don’t like Don Q Rum, get Bacardi. This allows you a choice, thus making you more satisfied.
  4. The directions are so easy. It really is fool proof and they made sure to be as detailed as possible in their directions.
  5. It was fun. It really put me in a good place. Shaking, stirring, muddling, rolling, drinking! How can that not be fun?
  6. I learned A LOT. I can walk into a bar and better understand the work and skill going into my drink.
  7. Each drink tasted pretty damn good.


  1. The list of required tools can be a tad overwhelming. I almost thought I wouldn’t be able to make anything
  2. If you’re not sure about other similar companies, the price point might not seem reasonable. $40 per box or $110 for a 3 month order. (again CUPCAKES15 – 15% 0FF 🙂 ) BUT it actually compares well, and is a good price point.
  3. You have to purchase the liquor separately, which is an additional expense (however also a pro. See #3 above)
  4. Although some items freeze well, others are perishable, so they would have to be used fairly soon after receiving the box. For example, the ginger beer cannot be resealed, so you run the risk of it going flat if you don’t make all of the Rum Bucks at once. So just be prepared for that.

For more information about Shaker & Spoon and to purchase your own box visit and don’t forget to use CUPCAKES15 to get 15% off your first order! 

Please let me know if you try it and what your experience is! Let me know your thoughts, comment below. Also, dont forget to subscribe for more updates on Cupcakes & Caviar

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