The Cannery
765 Ninth Avenue
New York, NY 10019

I am always on the hunt for a great brunch spot in NYC. My husband and I try to go to brunch AT LEAST twice a month. We are big fans of the boozy brunch, because we enjoy a little afternoon buzz (don’t judge). This weekend our brunch adventure brought us to The Cannery. Our first time here was a few months ago when it was just transferring from Stecchino to its new name. So we came back to see if the change did the restaurant well.

Atmosphere/Decor: Typical pub like atmosphere. A decent sized bar and plenty of seating in the back. The best part? The ample TVs they have hung on the walls. Need a place to watch the game? The Cannery doesn’t have one bad seat in the house!

Service: Service was slightly disappointing. Our waitress was great in the beginning; she took our orders right away and made sure to get us our first brunch cocktail ASAP! After that, I’m not sure what happened. Now, I usually don’t look for 5 star fine dining service when I go to a gastropub but I do expect the basics. Once we received our meal I don’t think she ever really came back to check up on us. The worst part, we had to keep trying to get her attention to get a refill on our drinks. When it comes to brunch, this is a big no-no for me. The service that day could have very well been an isolated incident, especially since the first time we went our waitress was GREAT! I give it 3 stars because our food came out quickly and I know they are capable of better service from previous experiences.

Food & Drink: Despite the service being underwhelming, the food was pretty decent! We ordered the Breakfast Quesadilla, Steak & Eggs, Short Rib Benedict and Bacon. Like my last brunch post (Tio Pepe) the steak & eggs was the standout dish. Steak wasn’t really cooked medium rare but it was flavorful and the eggs were cooked to order. The breakfast quesadilla left much to be desired taste wise BUT was very filling, which is a plus when you are enjoying multiple drinks. The bacon was cooked extra crispy just the way I like it! If you are not a fan of extra crispy bacon I suggest you make this known and hope they cook it to your liking. The Short Rib Benedict was my favorite. I just love Eggs Benedict in general and the addition of short rib made my heart melt and my stomach flutter (so dramatic). The unlimited drinks offered are Bloody Mary’s, Mimosas and Bellini’s. The Mimosa was pretty strong, and the Bellini was a little too sweet.

The Deal: For an extra $20 you can enjoy as many brunch cocktails as you want for 90 minutes. Unfortunately, the first time we came for brunch when it was still Stecchino, they offered unlimited wine, beer and well drinks as well. That was clutch! However, their unlimited offering now is pretty status quo across the board at brunch spots in NYC, but on the higher end. It’s a pretty good deal, if, and only if, your waitress is quick with your refills.

Overall if my Giants were playing and I wanted to watch them while I have brunch, this will definitely be the place I choose. I just hope next time my waitress steps her game up!



breakfast quesadilla

steak and eggs








Peace Loves ✌💜


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