What does Drake + Hot yoga + Candle light equal? Y7 Studio! 

This is not your average yoga studio. With locations in Flatiron, Williamsburg and now a new studio in Soho, they are bringing a unique style to the way we do and think about yoga. With classes like “Missy Elliot v. Lil Kim Hip Hop Yoga” and “Throwback Jay-Z Hip Hop Yoga” it seems safe to say this is probably the dopest yoga experience you’ll ever have. Add darkness, heat and some candlelight to the mix and you have the perfect space to clear your mind and improve that body baby! They gon’ make you wanna come “back to back” (Drake Voice).

The launch of their new Soho location, located on Broome Street, was held last Thursday night and was hosted by the hot lady at H0tgirlseatingpizza! Music was bumping, hot people were mingling and of course there was some awesome pizza being served up from Patrizia’s of Brooklyn. Guests were able to check out the new studio and meet their unique instructors, who were pretty awesome btw! One of the things about Y7 that stood out to me the most was it’s very unpretentious, chill vibe. I felt like I was more in a friend’s home than in someone’s place of business which intrigued me to definitely make a return.

They are currently running 2 new student specials: $45/2 week unlimited or $99/month unlimited. Take advantage of these deals and check them out!

Get some more info on their awesomeness here —-> Y7 Studio
Have you tried Y7 Studio yet? Does listening to Drake while doing hot yoga excite you? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below.





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Peace Loves ✌❤

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